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Wayne Crowder, SLF Lightning Rod, is one of the volunteers in Grant School's Fantastic Fridays program. He started volunteering in that program in 1996. We talked with him about his experiences there.

"My first year, I was assigned to a music class. I'm not musically inclined, but it was fun hangin' out with the kids. Then I partnered up with Don Oakley doing a science and nature class. Now Don is a real sharp guy. My job was to keep Don down at the kids level so that we could communicate! I gave him a lemon and said, 'How would you explain a lemon to a child that had never seen one?' That helped Don understand the level at which he needed to talk to these kids.

"Later I worked with Jennifer Skillern doing the mudworks class. Jennifer leads that class, she's the point person. I'm there as a bouncer. (laughs) Seriously, I've had to bounce a few out - but I warn 'em that it's coming. One of the cool things about being the bouncer is when those kids come back into the classroom they want to sit beside me. They don't sit across the room and frown at me. I guess they needed the discipline, they got it and they responded well to it."

Wayne went on to tell about seeing kids that he worked with at Grant in later years - it's so much fun to see how they've grown up. "They shake my hand and they hug me and I hug them... When I get that feedback that says 'thank you for spending that time, for being there, thank you for helping and encouraging and for kicking me out of class - then I know that it does make a difference and it has an impact."


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