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We talked with Wayne Crowder, SLF Lightning Rod for South Salem, about the leaf-raking project that he organizes in the fall.

"We started raking leaves in South Salem about 4 years ago. It started with an outreach request from Salem Bible College. Was there something that I could get their students to do as part of their discipleship class? We began leaf-raking with their students - and then [we added] Corban College students, Willamette University students, a student from Tokyo University - even my grandchilden! Everybody just seemed to want to get on board when they realized it was a lot of fun.

"We partner with the city on this project. They provide the rakes and the bags - we provide the volunteers. The first year, we raked up 45-50 bags of leaves at about a dozen homes. This last year, we raked up 280 bags of leaves at 60 homes in two weekends. We had 43 students working about 180 hours total. "

We always do this the first two Saturdays of November. We partnered with the community garden project and all of the leaves went to them for recycling into compost!

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