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We talked with Billy Cordero, SLF Lightning Rod for the Sprague-Southwest region, about the after school program at Trinity Covenant Church.

Community Corner is a partnership between TCC and Liberty Elementary School. The program, open to children in 1st-5th grades, has run five days a week for many years. Their program is a staple of the community - the school has a deep appreciation for the program. "In talking with people away from the church," says Billy, "I've heard nothing but appreciation and gratitude for how that church has opened their doors and allowed kids to come over." Billy cites two major reasons for this: first, it's a safe place for kids to go. Second, it's had a great effect on the academic levels of the kids that attend there.

Cliff Herman is the director of the program. He works with Liberty to target kids who might benefit from coming. The program is so popular that there is actually a waiting list! "Every time I've been there the kids just seem to have a wonderful time. Cliff's got a great relationship with them," says Billy.

The program is highly structured, but it's fun for the kids. They start out with a snack time - Cliff always finds some creative ways for the kids to go and get their snack. After snack time they'll have a communication time - it could be a Bible story or some other content depending on what Cliff has decided for that day. They have computer time available for the kids to work on homework projects or play games. Other kids can study on worksheets. There's always an activity time - if the weather's good they go outside, if not there's a gym. They play a lot of games and sports.

This year Community Corner has begun partnering with the MMCFC to start a new reading program. Cindy Poore has come in to add this new component.

As kids become older, Cliff begins to develop leaders from the group. 5th graders can work toward becoming Junior Leaders as they graduate from Liberty and go on to Crossler Middle School.

Recent economic troubles have had their effect on Community Corner. The assistant position has been cut, and Cliff has seen a reduction in his hours as well. But Community Corner is still running five days a week, with no change in its hours. Volunteers from Youth With A Mission have been coming in to fill in the gaps left by the budget cuts, but Cliff continues to seek additional volunteers for the program.


Click here to see the article on Community Corner, published in the Statesman Journal September 29, 2008.


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