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June 2015 - Lead Story: The First Fancy Dessert was a Dinner.  'GRASSP' Scores a Goal in East Salem!  There's Still Time to RSVP for the FANCY DESSERT!

May 2015 - Lead Story: Faith in Neighborhood Transformation, Part II.  Seed Spouts into Big School Project.  Help Fred Meyer Help SLF When You Shop.  Support the Dream Center May 23.  It's Time to RSVP for the Fancy Dessert!

April 2015 - Lead Story: Faith in Neighborhood Transformation.  'Just Walk' Off and Running ... er, Walking!  IKE Has a House!  It's Time to RSVP for the Fancy Dessert!

March 2015 - Lead Story: Having Faith in Neighborhood Transformation.  Save the date: SLF Fancy Dessert is ... June 26!  Community Connect is March 24.  Estate planning seminars.  RAINFEST 4.0  is an ace despite ‘LOUSY’ weather.

January 2015 - Lead Story: A message from DJ Vincent, South Salem Lightning Rod.  'FORE' SLF - RainFest 4.0 Tees Off Monday, Feb 23.  'YEM' - We Made the $57,000 Match, Thank  You!  Corban University to Host 'Pure Rebellion' Event.  Save the Date: SLF 'Fancy Dessert' is.... June 26!

December 2014 - Lead Story: Time of Advent.  Please Help Us 'Make the YEM Match' by December 31!  Save the Date: The 2015 Fancy Dessert is Friday, June 26!  'FORE' In February - RainFest Golf!  'Room in the Inn' (Aldersgate) for Christmas!  Stocks Gifts Can Help Us Make The 'YEM' by 12/31.

November 2014 - Lead Story: With Thanksgiving.  Save the 2015 Dates.  A Thanksgiving Thankful List.  Faith-Based Estate Planning - Dec 4.  'YEM' is Here: Seriously Seeking $57,000!

October 2014 - Lead Story: It's good to be back.  Herm's Home From His Epic Hike!  One 'CaN-Do' Idea Begets Another...

September 2014 - Lead Story: CARECorps.  CaN Center #21 - Evergreen Presbyterian!  Soccer Festival Scores a Goal in East Salem.  Herm's Hike - There's Still Time to 'Walk with Herm' on the Muir Trail.  Hello from Sabbatical Sam!

August 2014 - Lead Story: Volunteers help make first "MOM" in Salem a Huge Success!  Have you considered visiting a CaN Centers meeting?  Don't Miss the 4th Annual Great Salem Race.  A note from Herm about the HIKE.  Reminder from Sabbatical Sam.

July 2014 - Lead Story: People and Place.  Mission of Mercy - Dental Services - July 11&12.  'Walk with' Herm's Hike in Late Summer.  One Final Salute to our Fancy Sponsors.

June 2014 - Lead Story: As the Dust Settles.  Amazing Stories Shared at Fancy Dessert!

May 2014 - Lead Story: The Power of Believing.  Welcome New Hope, Northgate and Gateway - CaN Do!  Seats still available for the Fancy Dessert!

April 2014 - Lead Story: What's in an Acronym.  Community Gardens Starting to Grow.  Churches Meeting in Schools.  It's Time to RSVP for the Fancy Dessert!

February 2014 - Lead Story: Winter 2014.  ‘FORE’ SLF — RAINFEST 3.0 TEES OFF MONDAY, FEB. 24.  'YEM' - We made the match, Thank You!  Save the Date: SLF Fancy Dessert is ... May 30!  Community + Homeless Connect is March 25.

December 2013 - Lead Story: Advent Season.  Please Help Us ‘Make the Match’ by December 31!  SAVE THE DATE: The 2014 Fancy Dessert is Friday, May 30!  ‘FORE’ IN FEBRUARY – RianFest Golf!  'ROOM IN THE INN’ (ALDERSGATE) FOR CHRISTMAS!  ‘YEM’ IS HERE: Help Us Make It To $65,000 by Year-End!

November 2013 - Lead Story: Thanksgiving.  SAVE THE DATE: RainFest Golf Challenge is February 24!  SAVE THE DATE: The 2014 Fancy Dessert is Friday, May 30!  Churches and Jobs!  FAITH-BASED ESTATE PLANNING – DEC. 12.  ‘YEM’ Is Here: Seriously Seeking $65,000!

October 2013 - Lead Story: Promoting Good Works.  Family Fun-On-The-Farm Benefits the IKE Box!  October 23-One Day, Two Great Community Gatherings.  Still Time to Get Tony Camplolo - SIHN Tickets.  Want to go on a Fancy Field Trip?  Make Donations Online.

September 2013 - Lead Story: Impacting Your Neighborhood.  Hats off to Kaleb the Green-Thumb.  Tony Campolo in Salem October 26 for IHN.  Fostering Hope Summit is October 23.  Want to go on a Fancy Field Trip?

August 2013 - Lead Story: Art of Neighboring.  Speaking of Block Parties.  New 'CaN Centers' Coming On Line.  Join us for 'The Great Salem Race' August 17!

June/July 2013 - Lead Story: 'Neighborhood' Grows at Fancy Dessert!  Capital Park Wesleyan Chuch.  Holy Cross Luthern Church - La Casita.  Soma Church in the Edgewater District.

May 2013 - Lead Story: As we Prepare for Dessert.  Let's help Capital Park Wesleyan 'Burn the Mortgage'.  There's Still Time to RSVP for the Fancy Dessert!

April 2013 - Lead Story: A Tip of the Baseball Cap to Mike McLaran. New 'CaN Centers' Coming On Line. Community Gardens Starting to Grow. It's Time to RSVP for the Fancy Dessert!

March 2013 - City of Salem. Save the Date: SLF Fancy Dessert is... June 21, 2013!

February 2013 - Lead Story: Sharing the Gospel. Save the Date: Fancy Dessert is June 21, 2013.  'Fore' SLF - Rainfest Tees off Monday, Feb. 25. Community + Homeless Connect is March 26. Get Ready to "Feed Salem" in April.

December 2012 - Lead Story: Moving into the Neighborhood. Save the Date: Fancy Dessert is June 21, 2013. 'Fore' in February - Rainfest Golf! Room in The Inn (Aldersgate) For Christmas! Fancy Year-End Matching Campaign is Here: $55,000!

November 2012 - Lead Story: Surviving Re-Entry (and Thriving). 'Fore' in February - Rainfest Golf! Churches and Foster Parents. Relief. Restoration. Development. Fancy Year-End Matching Campaign is Here!

October 2012 - Lead Story: Churches, Schools and Neighborhoods. Save the Date! Rainforest Golf Challenge Scheduled for Feb. 25!  Saluting Megan and Welcoming Lindsey, Desiree.  Live United! 75th Anniversary + Kick-Off Event is October 4. 'Leave A Legacy' to Your Favorite Cause(s).  Mentoring Makes A Huge Impact.  Come Join Us On A Fancy Field Trip!

September 2012 - Lead Story: Salem and London and Possibilities.  Don't Save the Date!  'CaN Center's Win 'Mayor's' Merit Award!'  Medicine Cabinets and Heroine?  Want to Go on a Fancy Field Trip?.

August 2012 - Lead Story: James and Daniel.  La Casita "Learning Garden" at Holy Cross.  Leave a Legacy to SLF?  Block Parties on August 7.  Hope Station moves to North Salem.  Possible Fancy Lunch in October.

June 2012 - Lead Story: Fancy Dessert Inspires Shalom, Oregon.

April 2012 - Lead Story: IKE Box.  SLF Honored by School Board.  Saluting Young Life.  RSVP for the Fancy Dessert on June 1.

March 2012 - Lead Story: The Hole in Our Gospel.  Save the Date: Fancy Dessert June 1.  Rainfest Golf Event Recap.  'Fore' Salem.  Sendoff for Billy Cordero.  Community Resource Network (CRN).

February 2012 - Lead Story: Flooding in Salem-Keizer.  Save the Date: Fancy Dessert June 1.  We (Virtually) Made the Match.  Rainfest Golf event.  Community Homeless Connect March 27.  Mentors.

December 2011 - Lead Story: The Innkeeper.  Help us make the match in December.  Rainfest Golf event.  Crystal Apple award goes to Church on the Hill.  Safe Families.  Art donation.

November 2011 - Lead Story: Friendship in addition to Food Baskets.  Rainfest Golf event, Possible 'Fancy Dessert' dates in 2012, Year-End Matching Campaign.

October 2011 - Lead Story: Has Anything Changed in 15 Years? Another August Blessing, Acquire Some Fine Art - Help SLF, Free Estate Planning Seminar November 15, Safe Families Up to Five "Hub" Churches.

September 2011 - Lead Story: Response from Furlough, Join your local CPT.  What's a CPT?, Speaking of Schools, CaN-Do CaN Centers, Helping SLF

August 2011 - Lead Story: SLF Staff Furlough

Summer 2011 - Lead Story: Young Life/Wyldlife, Extra Extra, SLF publishes "Wish List", SLF grateful for grant funding, Announcing: Bridge-Builder Campaign

May 2011 - Lead Story: Extra! Extra! Fancy Dessert a Headline Hit! Support Card on back.

April 2011 - Lead Story: Churches Partnering with Schools; CaN Center Family expanding; Extra Extra! Time to RSVP to the Fancy Dessert.

March 2011 - Lead Story: Healing for the Homeless; Save the Date: Fancy Dessert is May 6; Community Gardens; Local Foundation Grants; Jeramy Williams & Wally Carson.

January/February 2011 - Lead Story: CaN Graduation; Save the Date: Fancy Dessert is May 6; We Made the Match! (Mostly); Welcome New Board Members; Teen Pregnancy and Churches; BASF & SLF & Prayer Breakfast; Community Homeless Connect is March 24.

December 2010 - Lead Story: Fewer Hams and More Friendship; Oregon Legislative Prayer Breakfast January 11; Jan 31 - SalemNet Prayer Summit on the Mountain; Humbly Asking for Help.

November 2010 - Lead Story: Lightning Rods; Safe Families Initiative Ready to Launch; Church in the Park Raising People Up; $70,000 Matching Campaign Update.

October 2010 - Lead Story: Evangelism & Servanthood; Marion County Reentry Breakfast October 21st; Super Sequel Lunch Bats 2 for 3.

August/September 2010 - Lead Story: SLF's Real Value; Super Sequel October 5; Churches Go Crazy in Neighborhoods This Summer.

July-August 2010 - Lead Story: Celebrating Neighborhood Heroes Fancy Dessert Recap; Quick Summer Notes.

June 2010 - Lead Story: Lightning Rods; Fostering Hope and Safe Families; Honoring a True Hero: Wayne Crowder; Last Call for the Fancy Dessert.

May 2010 - Lead Story: Change in Salem; You're Invited: Fancy Dessert is Friday, June 18; Mayor Hosts Prayer Breakfast in Keizer; A Lot Happening on Friday May 14!; Final Meeting of the School Year with Supt. Sandy Husk.

April 2010 - Lead Story: Young woman from Sassy Onion; Reminder! Fancy Dessert is Friday, June 18; Neighborhood Prayer Clusters all over town; About the attached news articles; Interfaith Hospitality Network Dessert April 29.

March 2010 - Lead Story: Fancy Field Trip; Homeless Connect March 23; Looking for Fancy Sponsors for Fancy Dessert; City as Neighborhood: Lightning Rods and the six Keystone Areas.

January/February 2010 - Lead story: The Blind Side; Remembering MLK Jr.; Save the Fancy Date June 18, 2010; Give a Shirt; Peacemaker Conference; Thank-you! Year-end match achieved.

December 2009 - Lead story: SLF is an odd duck; SalemNet Prayer Summit; 2010 Fancy Dessert Date; Update: SLF Fancy Matching Campaign

November 2009 - Lead story: Jennifer Harris' church in Peru reaching out to neighborhoods;Capital Park's Dessert and other Events; SLF Fancy Matching Campaign

October 2009 - Lead story: James - the rest of the story; Thanks Evergreen Trust and Friends; Churches and Neighborhoods - Events; Serving Veterans at Home; Kongratulations to Kroc; The Real McKay

September 2009 - Lead story: Convoy of Hope; Evergreen Trust Match; Churches Have a Blast in their Neighborhoods; School Bell Rings for Church Partnerships; Fancy Thank-you to Foundations; Dates to Remember

July/August 2009 - Lead story: Kroc Center Grand Opening;CaN Centers Are Changing Neighborhoods; Help IKE Get a Paint Job; Block Party Mania in Salem/Keizer; The Ministry of Neighborhood Associations; Overcoming Evil with Good in Northgate; Fancy Dessert Date

June 2009 - Lead story: SLF Fancy Dessert Report; Thank You to Supporters; Death of Montez Bailey

May 2009 - Lead story: Martha and Felix (CaN Center story); Fancy Dessert, May 15; McKay/East Salem update; Keizer/McNary update; North-Central update; South-Central update; West Salem update

April 2009 - Lead story: Sam's Great Epiphany; Thanks from the Skillern Family; Homeless Connect Report; April and May events; SLF Fancy Wish List; Won't You Be My Neighbor?

March 2009 - Lead story: No Meth - the End of an Era; Salute to Churches and Ministry Organizations; Churches Lead Homeless Outreach; SLF Fancy Dessert

February 2009 - Lead story: Tribute to Teddy Skillern; Tip of the Hat to Three Bridge-Builders; Fancy Dessert Date; Year-End Match Good News; CaN Centers Update: New Site; Raising a Community; Reading for All

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