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This is what Salem Leadership Foundation is all about.

Basic Principles PDF Print E-mail

We believe Salem-Keizer will become the healthiest community in Oregon, truly the City of Shalom.

We engage People of Faith and People of Goodwill to transform the community, neighborhood by neighborhood.

We Build Bridges among Stakeholders:  people, churches, schools, agencies, cultures, business, non-profits, and neighborhoods. Anyone, Anywhere, Anyhow.

We plow the ground; set the table; open doors; make matches; and prevent train wrecks.

We help the Body of Christ practice the sacred art of Servanthood.

We sing the praises of other organizations, initiatives, and causes.

We leverage resources and get bang for the buck:  great R.O.I. !

We believe in “City-as-Neighborhood,” i.e. smaller cohesive geographies, and neighbors helping neighbors.

We support “Churches as Neighborhood (CaN) Centers.”

We use “Lightning Rods” to get the job done.

One person can impact a life. 

Together we can transform the City.

The Root Cause and the Real Answer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sam Skillern   

I've been in dozens of meetings the past several years where top-notch community leaders take on a particular problem in the community. Invariably, that famous question gets asked: "What's the root cause?"

All around the community, as more and more folks get involved, they too will ask: "What's the root cause?"

The stated answers come from a familiar list: poverty, child abuse, crime, lack of education or health care, etc. I contend, however, that these are not root causes. They are symptoms. Symptoms of the real root cause. A root cause that is harder to recognize because it's something that plagues everyone, not just those who are struggling. A root cause that plagues all of "us," not just the needy "them."

I contend the root cause is this: People don't know each other anymore, which means we don't care about each other, which means we don't care for each other. To use scriptural language, we don't "love our neighbor as ourself."


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