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City Vibe helps homeless find hope, a way forward PDF Print E-mail

August 15, 2014

City Vibe holds weekly dinners in West Salem for homeless people.


Name: Salem City Vibe

Year established: 2009

Mission: Reaching out to help the homeless, the urban campers and those at-risk of becoming homeless is not easy, but doing so can restore lives. We work to develop relationships, and it is through those relationships that we learn each person's story. It's in that story that we often discover what has caused that person to become homeless, and how we can help those who want to transition off the streets do so. We do it through relationships, and it begins at our weekly Dinner on the Green. It continues in visits to homeless camps and weekly meetings held at local coffee shops where mentors work to provide encouragement and guidance.

Every Friday night, 50 to 179 men, women and children come to Dinner on the Green. It is there, at our potluck dinner, where they find compassionate people who have a desire and talent to help them break free of the chains of poverty and homelessness.

Annual budget: $58,683

Board of directors: Chairman Craig Oviatt, President Herm Boes, Vice President Zach Tresch, Treasurer John Cox, Jonathan Clark, Joan English, Craig Evans, Renee Oviatt, Wally Yabarra and Secretary Courtney Treborn.

Number of paid staffers: 1

Number of volunteers: 132


CARECorp Teens in Salem PDF Print E-mail

July 20, 2014

Teens tackle service projects in Salem
By Stefanie Knowlton

Four years ago CARECorp youth volunteers helped start the transformation of a small house, La Casita, into a community hub in the Lansing neighborhood, and now they're doing it again in West Salem.

This past week, teens collected books for the children's library, filled cracks on the garage floor and made plans to install a keyboard made of PVC pipe in the music room of Nuestra Casa, a three-bedroom house in the Edgewater district.

"This library is going to help kids be invested in their futures, and I love that," said 16-year-old volunteer Khawater Hussein.

It's a small fraction of the work Dream Center needs to launch the hub, but it's a start. The remodeling project is just one of several that youth will work on during a three-week camp that ends this week. In all 50 teens will tackle service projects around Salem as part of the fourth CARECorps summer camp.

It's a collaboration of the city of Salem, Salem-Keizer Education Foundation, Salem-Keizer School District and the nonprofit Isaac's Room.

Local nonprofits pitch their projects, and the participating youth decide their favorites. South Salem Connect provides $100 grants to each of the five teams to spend if they secure a matching donation from local businesses.

This year students will build a nature trail, install raised beds and create a children's play area at Brown Road Park. They'll also create a children's library and dance and performance space at Nuestra Casa and redesign the living room at IKE House, a space for at-risk youth.

The city recruits high school freshman from AVID, a program that helps Salem-Keizer students become the first in their families to go to college. CARECorps helps campers connect with others from their new school.

"The idea is that the camp is a bridge for incoming freshman to meet upperclassmen from their same school for an easier transition into high school," said Laurie Shaw with the city of Salem and CARECorps.

CCF continues program funding, adds poverty simulation PDF Print E-mail

From: Polk County Itemizer
By: Jolene Guzman (July 17, 2012)

Read online article HERE.

DALLAS -- Last year, the Polk County Commission for Children and Families launched three new initiatives: a teen pregnancy/STD awareness campaign, a homeless connect event and a fifth-grade mentoring program at Dallas' Whitworth Elementary School.

Pleased with the success of those programs, the commission is dedicating the majority of its state funding in 2012-13 to continuing those programs -- plus $1,000 to hold a new event, a "poverty simulation."

Brent DeMoe, the commission manager, said a poverty simulation tries to place individuals in scenarios those living in poverty would experience. Those may include having to apply for food stamps, losing a job or being unable to pay bills. The plan is to have the county's Health and Human Services employees and others who work with low-income families participate.


News - March 2010 PDF Print E-mail
There’s quite a buzz in the school district about “the church that pampered the Brush College staff” last fall.  Westgate Assembly provided luxury transportation and a catered lunch to both honor and encourage the school’s staff, and the partnership continues to grow.  Likewise, Vineyard Fellowship of Salem is serving Myers Elementary, as well as hurting folks under the bridge (the subject of a future story!).  The Oasis congregation meets at West Salem High and is working on a project called ‘Cargo of Dreams’ with Chapman Hill. The Interfaith Hospitality Network annual dessert is April 29.   SLF Lightning Rod: Herm Boes, 503-569-9364. 

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