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The number of CaN Centers is growing in Salem-Keizer.  Each of our 'CaN' Centers contracts with SLF for a three-year period.  At the end of the three years the church "graduates" to self-sufficiency.  At our February CaN meeting we had the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of Our Savior's Lutheran Church.  CaN Coordinator Jonelle Newton and Pastor Don Brandt were able to join us for the celebration.  This church is involved in many neighborhood ministries including: Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Hospitality Network, a relationship with Pringle School, and they just finished building their brand new community hall building. 

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Lightning Rod Billy Cordero helped Lee Elementary, through their LSAC group, coordinate a volunteer day for some school track improvements.  The City of Salem donated 15 units of hog fuel to be used for the track at the school park, and on May 22 the city brought a trailer, wheelbarrows, pitchforks, rakes, and even a bathroom so that the 30 volunteers could distribute the hog fuel.  It was a great time, despite the rain, and a fantastic opportunity to show the school that their neighbors care.  
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A new community hall has opened at Westminster Presbyterian as the congregation strengthens its partnership with Salem Heights Elementary for literacy and after-school programs.  Not to mention Boy Scouts.  Trinity Covenant has boosted the capacity of Salem Free Medical Clinic by staffing two Saturdays a month inside the church.  The clinic, started by West Salem Foursquare, has a Northgate site and will be opening the main clinic this fall in Salem Alliance’s new Broadway Commons building.  Gateway Foursquare serves the Crossler Middle School community in a variety of ways.  SLF Lightning Rod:  Billy Cordero, 503-409-1450. 
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We talked with Billy Cordero, SLF Lightning Rod for the Sprague-Southwest region, about the after school program at Trinity Covenant Church.

Community Corner is a partnership between TCC and Liberty Elementary School. The program, open to children in 1st-5th grades, has run five days a week for many years. Their program is a staple of the community - the school has a deep appreciation for the program. "In talking with people away from the church," says Billy, "I've heard nothing but appreciation and gratitude for how that church has opened their doors and allowed kids to come over." Billy cites two major reasons for this: first, it's a safe place for kids to go. Second, it's had a great effect on the academic levels of the kids that attend there.


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