SLF’s 25th Anniversary

‘Fancy 25th’ is May 25-28!

In 1996 a small nonprofit was launched to help build bridges … bridges within the faith community, between the faith community and the larger community, between church and state, between schools and churches … bridges.

A lot has happened over the past 25 years! Normally we celebrate on a Friday, the last Friday of May.  At first we called it “The Fancy Dessert.”  A few years ago, we added a same-day lunch and redubbed it “Fancy Friday.” Last year, with the pandemic, we switched to an online format. The “F” in SLF stand for “Flexible” as we say!  Well, this year we need flexibility again.  The final Friday of May falls on Memorial Day Weekend … plus, we are still not able to book the full ballroom at the Salem Convention Center due to Covid restrictions. 

So … For our 25th Anniversary we’re going for (nearly) a full week of online opportunities to celebrate. And not just celebrate, but plan for the future (we need your help!).  Starting on Tuesday May 25th and running through Fancy Friday the 28th there will be a number of ways to participate.  Watch Parties for 10 to 50 folks will be hosted in homes, churches, eateries, and SLF partners (for example, the IKE Box). Zoom Parties will be hosted online.  And there will be links for solo viewings.  The details are still being sorted out, but it should be – all things considered – a great way to celebrate 25 years of bridge-building and shalom-casting.  Best of all, there will be an interactive feature so y’all can help SLF plan the next 25 months and next 25 years of our mission.  We Believe.  We Engage.  Thanks for Partnering!

As always, our three-pronged purpose for the event is to inspire 1) Hope, 2) Action, and 3) $upport for SLF and our 50+ partnerships. 

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