Signs of Hope

With all the challenges people are facing these days, a ‘fundraising event’ is way down the list of important.  However, Fancy Friday – our spring celebration – has never been just a fundraising event.  For two decades, our three-fold goal has remained steadfast:  We aim to inspire 1) Hope, 2) Action, and 3) $upport for SLF and our 50+ partnerships.  Our event on May 29 was well-received.  

SLF’s ‘main program’ is to help the programs of other ministries, nonprofits and schools thrive.  So even though we’re not a direct-service provider, we support dozens of providers and help them achieve great outcomes.  Lately, our team has been doing this in very creative ways.  And, in the process, we have seen incredible Signs of Hope.  Both literally and metaphorically.  We hope you’ve seen them, too, all over Salem-Keizer.  

As your circumstances allow, find ways to support your favorite local businesses and nonprofits.  We will overcome this crisis as we deploy both grit and optimism.  In the midst, there are beautiful Signs of Hope all over Salem-Keizer to encourage us forward. 

Be safe.  Be creative.  Check on a neighbor.  Be not afraid.

A big Thank You to our 2020 Event Sponsors:

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