RainFest 8.0


The eighth-annual RainFest Golf Challenge on February 25th will benefit Salem Leadership Foundation (SLF) and our mission to help Salem-Keizer become the healthiest community in Oregon: truly the City of Shalom.  Kids, families, neighborhoods … healthy!

Golf in February?  Yep!  Every winter we brave the elements to raise some serious bucks for SLF (last year it was $101,500!).  We experience it all: fog, cold, wind, rain, sleet.  With hardy participation from 44 golfers and the generosity of 500+ donors we broke the $100k threshold for the first time.

If you would like to help us this year, here’s how RainFest rolls:

  1. Play 18 holes at historic Salem Golf Club.  No matter what the weather, we’ll keep you warm, well-fed, and moving around the course.  Be there on February 25th by 9:30, done by 3:30 p.m.  Lots of great prizes and laughs.
  2. Sponsor yourself for at least $100 (can be more), and …
  3. Give your best effort to make 25-40 contacts and strive for $2,500 in pledges. This is easier than you think, as people will be more than happy to support you in your valiant “wind-and-rain” endurance to support SLF.  Last year 20 golfers broke the $2,500 barrier–with six over $5,000.

With the help of ProFund Fundraising Solutions, we have created a website for RainFest and it’s the key to our success.  It’s the easy-to-use place where you enter your sponsors’ pledge information.  The goal is to get pledges from folks you know: friends, family, colleagues, associates.  Our web site will send them a thank-you note, a tax-deductible letter, and details on how/where they can send their sponsorship amounts.  Easy as a tap-in putt.

Want to get involved?

Sign up to be a Team Captain or Participant Champion:

Pay a RainFest Pledge or Sponsorship:

To get more information about next year, contact…
Ryan ‘Crouching Tiger’ Collier – Player Captain: 503-485-7224 or Ryan@collier-law.com
Sam ‘Snead’ Skillern – Tournament Director:  503-884-8194 or Sam@salemlf.org