RainFest 8.0


Well, we delivered on the “bad weather” and “suffering in the cold” promises we made.  For the first time in the 8-year history of RainFest, we had SNOW!  It is February, after all.  We had to make all kinds of adjustments but the hardy golfers proved their mettle in the freezing temperatures—and we actually had a blast! 

AWARDS.  Mark ‘Mean Beav’ Butler defended his Green Vest title by raising $9,150!  He was followed by 4-time champion Ryan ‘Crouching Tiger’ Collier ($7,200), Tim ‘Angry Duck’ Rawlings ($5,400) and John ‘The Closer’ Kirk ($5,150).  Other prized prizes included Most Sponsors (Chad Harveyat 58!), Rookie of the Year (Andy Herrmann at $2,825), Most Improved (Jeff Walton), and Best RainFest Team Outfit (Erin Molyneaux, Kyle Dickinson, Andy Herrmann and Quinn Burke).  All told, 17 golfers topped the $2,500 goal that lands them in the RainFest Champions Dinner at Ritter’s in a few weeks.  Another 12 topped the $1,000 mark—Aces and Eagles!

We’re very grateful for our RainFest volunteers and 26 corporate sponsors.  They made it possible for us to have hot food, hot coffee and hot soup to balm the snowy cold.  Not to mention the red-carpet (green-carpet?) treatment from the professional staff at Salem Golf Club.  See you all next year on Monday, Feb. 24, 2020!

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To get more information about next year, contact…
Ryan ‘Crouching Tiger’ Collier – Player Captain: 503-485-7224 or Ryan@collier-law.com
Sam ‘Snead’ Skillern – Tournament Director:  503-884-8194 or Sam@salemlf.org