Internships @ SLF

The goal of integrating interns into SLF’s “field work” is to give them a working understanding and experience-based learning opportunity of what Kingdom bridge-building looks like in our local community. Their experience with SLF Field Staff will give interns a broad understanding of SLF “Lightning Rod” priorities, get to know the community on a deeper level, discover and refine their own passions and callings as well as create an opportunity to give focused energy with a hands-on project.

SLF internships are 10-week, faith-based internships that take place in the summer. They are 15-20 flexible hours per week with most hours occurring between 8-5 PM, Monday through Friday. Our Summer 2024 Internship Application is open now!

Benefits of the Internship:

  • Personal mentoring and training

  • Growth in ministry and educational experience

  • Spiritual formation

  • Hone specific identifiable skills in leadership

  • Recommendation letters (Upon request)

  • Monthly stipend

Key Elements of the Internship:

  • Legacy Project
    • The purpose of the legacy project is to provide the intern hands-on experience with a project from start to finish. Ideally, this project will be able to be used in a portfolio and/or resume to demonstrate quality work experience. The projects vary from year to year depending on the skill and interest of the intern as well as current SLF projects. The intern will plan with their supervisor and execute independently.
    • Examples of past Legacy Projects:
      • Resource list for women suffering from domestic violence
      • Inspirational quote/scripture wall at Church @ the Park
      • Coat closet at Church @ the Park
      • “Who is Salem?” Video Project
  • SLF Internship Curriculum
    • This curriculum was designed as a collaborative effort of SLF staff to help interns learn about topics central to SLF’s DNA. It relies heavily on the Leadership Foundations book, “Cities: Playgrounds or Battlegrounds?” and discusses topics such as the theology of place, LF’s wheel of change, our spirituality of fundraising, and how we seek the peace of a city.